Sometimes It’s The Small Things

Client’s come to me for slight add-ons to their space that will make a big impact.

The client’s kitchen in the following pictures were done on two separate occasions. When I first came to them they needed small additions like trim and additional cabinetry. When we met for the second time, we needed a solution to brighten the space and add even more cabinetry. 

First Stage: The addition of the glassed front upper cabinets, above the existing 42″ high cabinets. Cabinetry and trim work were also installed around the stainless steel refrigerator. While a new glass tile backsplash and stainless steel sink were added.

Second Stage: The existing cabinetry was painted a white. The island received an additional row of cabinets and in turn a larger counter top. The backsplash has been extended down to the counter tops and a new light added above the island.

The smallest changes can sometimes create the largest impact on how a space is perceived. When the client’s were ready to move onto another location, the bright and well appointed kitchen was a major player in them selling their home.

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